Sunday, January 16, 2011

Umaria Nnerera the cost in terms of the amount of Arbo CBI investigation Betul Kalackter be filed against the amount of official embezzlement case

Umaria Nnerera the cost in terms of the amount of Arbo CBI investigation
Betul Kalackter be filed against the amount of official embezzlement case
Betul MP { Ramkishore Pawar } Rewa division a year ago are Kalackter Betul in Umaria against the current Kalackter Vijay Anand Kuril sent under Nnerera Arbo against the rules about the use of the amount previously dissatisfied with the ongoing CID investigation Aswanysevi conscious organizations and some of Umaria and Betul The CBI have moved to independent journalist. Ssope CBI in the Dastavejo This information is provided by the Government of India Ministry of Rural Development Plan for Nnerera the amount sent nearly a billion of the amount of money against the rules Nantakaneekal officer KD Land Protection Officer was Chaurasia was. Working against the rules of the court on bail and Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Panchayat Htkalikne JS Dhurve said the commission has allocated amount. Bhusanrkshaon find the name of the government in terms of amount above the drone of two officers convicted in the CID investigation was found, but political pressure and called CID investigation by taking Exit Umaria Vijay Anand Kuril Kalackter have made their Betul transferred. CID investigation by the rule against Kalackter given amount of Nnerera not take any action against them after the whole matter over now aware of some of Betul and Umaria Aswanysevi organizations and independent journalist approached the CBI. In this context, the district veterinary officer under scrutiny, RN Shukla, he complains that the letter and affidavit also alleged that Betul Shukla Kalackter the present time his bull to breed Padsthhapn Umaria Praddhah official amount that about 35 lakh is paid stated that the rule was made against the jail had to go alone, RN Shukla Vijay Anand Kuril Caught in the case of the clean escape after the District Commissioner Umaria Veterinary Parijno also the case, Mr. RN Shukla Shukla, trapping and the entire amount paid against the rules played a crucial role in getting Vijay Anand Kuril CBI probe sought against. Umaria are posted in the JS Dhurve political reach and because he earned his black CID probe into the case but now the central government gave the affected item is the amount of Nnerera provided with which a public interest litigation in Jabalpur is being presented. Umaria in the magnificent Lodge JS Dhurve the landlord and the black earning millions in Jabalpur the so-called property owner purchased the Kuril made Avijas enjoy retirement in June this year, so bring the matter to be premature in the proceedings Umaria - Betul - Bhopal - Delhi journalist and many large organizations by the CBI, Bhopal and Delhi office has made contact. Bitter truth of the matter is that both terms in the case of fraud against government allocated amount was spent Vijay Anand Kuril sign is the first visionary to whom they come under the category of offender. CBI sent to verify the Right to Information Act 1335 information referred to Pajo certified Dastaveza Chaukanne from the $ news Chief Minister informed the matter but they also political pressure ahead of the CID investigation into the matter to have influence. The CID of the subordinate state government works because Vijay Anand Kuril CID investigation was saved but now seemingly drag net in the neck most likely Dastavejo verified because it has proved how a small district of Madhya Pradesh Rewa Division the central government and state government official amount of the fraud is. Although these two high-profile case, two officers in the CID investigation eat in jail but released on bail from High Court, an officer now jailed Umaria. Vijay Anand Kuril hero of the case are the transfers from the Umaria after nearly a year so that the matter was put in Pandeig his retirement as possible. Now the case of the genie to come out again by a Bar official amount of high-profile embezzlement case again Umaria - Betul - Bhopal and Delhi's earthquake is expected.

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