Thursday, January 13, 2011

Justice Shivraj visit to remove the alleged disappearance of the July 29, 2004 CID sergeant tribal justice's wife could not refresh

                    Justice Shivraj visit to remove the alleged disappearance of the July 29, 2004                                              CID sergeant tribal justice's wife could not refresh Chindvada. M.P.{Ramkishore Pawar } to remove the MP of Justice Tour Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan Hoshnavir also raised during a press conference in Betul district, a C I D Chindvada Peone suspicious circumstances five years with his wife on the case of the missing Constable Vidio Kanfessing after it failed to meet on Ado given and the woman's family, his tribal chief to be written during the term news is not judged to Dilwa. Noted that Pdurhna Chindvada district of the city five years ago in the prestigious Madan family was robbery Ana heinous murder of blind people to 5 C. Are. De. Group C included in the test. Come. De. J. Havildar Uike Peone last about five years of the alleged missing. July 29, 2004 to 4 August, 2004 the Crime Department to check the report of the Bhopal meeting to present the high-profile murder case out of his house said C. Come. De. The sergeant has not returned home by today. The high-profile murder of blind Pdurhna Ana police robbery scandal Htkalin Adhikshaka Vijay Suryavanshi and C. I. De. Inspector Ganesh Chaudhary focus on the missing constable's wife pointed Sadeanah by Ms. Uike Uanglly the country since the case came to Surrakio all t. V. News Acanalo shown by, but the immediate police Adhikshaka Vijay Suryavanshi and C. I. De. Inspector Ganesh Chaudhary, and Noto Peahँuch his long inquiry by officers from the politicians have in their favor which led them to this day can not be dandy hair. C today. Come. De. The Constable J. Uike's wife focus Miss her husband's 28-year job tenure by him only 15 days Chutte Lee said while the time Htkalin police Adhikshaka Vijay Suryavanshi the said constable the Chuto ï bone go on telling Ramprasad named person Gumshudayagee told her to meet him but after the third day in the same Ramprasad told this to the police in case Htkalin Adhikshaka Vijay Suryavanshi Sadeanah on Bhumika's given up the Uanglly that he does not even know the missing constable J. Uike ..... ïï ? Two daughters and two sons wandering about the missing C to justice. I. De. Jairam Htkalin police sergeant's wife focus Adhikshaka Kumari Vijay Suryavanshi tried to lure the Bhuँh the same greed that has not scare this woman - bully worked. In this case, see your mess Adhikshaka Htkalin Police Vijay Suryavanshi, but his transfer did get Betul Betul by a reporter when the case Betul district of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh at a press conference put him in the Bothy village has Majbur Chief Minister Shivraj Singh, himself the District Collector and Police Adhikshaka Chindvada video Kaanfessing the woman through the confrontation made but the following lines to be written to the chief minister of the poor tribal woman virgin mind even after direct negotiations to date justice of the state BJP government could Dilwa. Are told that when the matter with Mr Chauhan, Vijay Suryavanshi and Ganesh Chaudhary case instructed the police to Aafsaro top of the Bhind Asasanr Ashok Suryavanshi Argal victory in this case have something to protect. Situation even worse had given to Mr Chauhan's promise that women play rounds against Mr Chauhan Asasanr of Bhind and other Asasando the tremendous siege which led to Mr Chauhan had put the matter in cold storage. Today, once again set out on the state visit, Mr. Chauhan in front of the judge again to find the same tribal woman yearning to plead for justice. The Strangely, the fact that even a political party Chindvada district and Union Minister Kamal Nath to Asasanr district the tribal women of his constituency is unfair to Dilwa ...... ï? The irony is that the police today Buzie Dusaro skip his own staff - not to judge the officer's family is unable to refresh.

Picture missing Id hav J. And his wife Ms. care

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